Wearable Animal Tails

A TellTail is a handmade, wearable animal tail for humans. Simple. They are made of a range of different fabrics and are stuffed so you can bend them, curl them, squash them and easily fit them in your suitcase. The long ‘cat like’ TellTails (we call them Bouncers) have malleable wire sewn inside so that you can change the shape to suit your mood. They come with an elastic waistband, which is one size fits all so you never need to attach them to your clothing and they can be worn with any outfit. Wearing a TellTail is an exercise in silliness. Its about not taking yourself to seriously, its about self expression, its about the unadulterated enhancement of fun in the extreme. Wearing a TellTail promotes instant movement in the wearer. Once attached it is literally impossible to not start getting your waggle on. This involuntary movement of the hips leads to a palpable feeling of joy and giddiness which manifests itself in a grin of extraordinary measure not just on the wearer, but on those around the wearer too. We call this tail effect. Its hard to explain the joy that comes from wearing a TellTail, you simply have to try it for yourself. So step up, buckle in and get your waggle on. Welcome to the club.

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