Sriracha Mini Keychain Bottle


Do you love Sriracha? I mean who doesn’t? I don’t even know why I would ask such a crazy question. Unless you can’t handle any spiciness or have some sort of medical issue that does not allow you to use Sriracha then there is no reason for you not to like it. Sriracha is the best. You know what stinks? When there is no Sriracha around for that burger, chicken wrap, those french fries, and every other food you eat. With the Sriracha Mini Keychain Bottle, you will never run out of Sriracha because it will be right there next to your car keys.


  • Flip Top, Leak Proof Cap


  • Easily Refillable And Reusable


  • BPA Free & Food Grade Approved!


  • Stainless Steel Carabiner For Easy Clipping


  • Bottles Are Sold Empty Ready To Be Filled With Your Favorite Sauce!

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