Jamstik Portable Smart Guitar


The jamstik+ (www.jamstik.com) is a digital SmartGuitar with real strings and real frets. It is modeled by music professionals after the neck of a real electric guitar. It connects wirelessly to iPad® iPhone® Android and Mac® and works with a multitude of music apps for beginners and pros alike. The jamstik+ senses where your fingers are on the fretboard, which is shown on-screen in our free apps. This makes the learning process incredibly intuitive, especially when using our jamtutor lesson apps.

There is no tuning required – tuning can be a big headache for a beginner – and it’s a breeze to connect wirelessly with your device via Bluetooth LE. The jamstik+ is more than just a guitar. It’s also a MIDI controller, which means it can sound like just about any instrument you can think of, and it can be extremely useful to studio pros as an alternative to other MIDI controllers. It’s portable enough to put in your backpack, carry-on luggage, or briefcase so you can play ANYWHERE.

You definitely need one of these to jam out! Get yours now!

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