Fastest Mobile Phone Charger (Powerslayer)


It’s 2016 and there is nothing more important to our daily lives than our smartphones, tablets, and other electronic devices. Well, outside of our health. In order to keep our work, school, and personal lives constantly operating we need to full charge on all of our electronics. The most annoying part about our charging devices is that they take a really long time to charge. That is why the Powerslayer is the perfect wall charger because it is the fastest mobile phone charger in the world. It charges any device in half the time and it is so important to keep yourself always connected and the Powerslayer will help you do just that.

  • Microprocessor control continuously monitors the charging process, protecting your valuable device
  • Delivers power to your device only when necessary, eliminating wasted power
  • Compatible with all popular devices including iPhone, Samsung Galaxy, iPad, HTC, iPod
  • High power 10 watt output for fast charging
  • Ultra efficient, Energy Star V and UL Green Leaf rated

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